Address: 4 St. Lucia Avenue Kingston 5, Jamaica, W.I.
Telephone: (876) 968-7116
Fax: (876) 960-7422
Web Site:

The main objectives of the Ministry are to:

  • Provide the framework for an investment friendly environment;
  • Facilitate Governments divestment and privatization programmes;
  • Facilitate the export of goods and services;
  • Promote the technological advancement of the country;
  • Attract and promote new investments, both local and foreign;
  • Spearhead the modernization of industry;
  • Promote the development of small and micro enterprises

Source: 2012/13 Jamaica Budget

The agencies/departments that fall under the Ministry are:

  • Anti-Dumping and Subsidies Commissions
  • Consumer Affairs Commission (CAC)
  • Companies Office of Jamaica (COJ)
  • Factories Corporation of Jamaica Limited (FCJ)
  • Food Storage and Prevention of lnfestation Department
  • Bureau of Standards, Jamaica;
  • Micro Investment Development Agency
  • Trade Board Limited Provisional Expenditure, 2010-2011
  • Jamaica Intellectual Property Office (JIPO)
  • Fair Trading Commission (FTC)
  • Department of Cooperative and Friendly Societies;
  • The Jamaica Business Development Centre (JBDC)
  • Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO)
  • Jamaica National Accreditation Company (JANAAC)
  • Kingston and Montego Bay Free Zones

Hon. Anthony Hylton, Minister

Hon. Sharon Ffolkes-Abrahams, Minister of State

Reginald Budhan, Permanent Secretary

Wayne Robertson, Director, Policy, Planning, Projects and Research

Dawn Williams, Director of Commerce

Beverly Rose-Forbes, Director of Industry

Visit this link at the Ministry's website for email addresses for the above names persons:


Estimate 2012/13:  $1,603,835,000

Revised Estimate 2011/12:  $1,786,954,000

Approved Estimate 2011/12:  $1,830,415,000

Actual Provisional Expenditure 2010/11:  $1,720,294,000

CAPITAL A (Government of Jamaica Funded Projects)

Estimate 2012/13:  $10,000,000

Revised Estimate 2011/12:  $25,599,000

Approved Estimate 2011/12:  -

Actual Provisional Expenditure 2010/11:  5,000,000

CAPITAL B (Multilateral/Bilateral Funded Projects)

Estimate 2012/13:  $1,044,000

Revised Estimate 2011/12:  $66,197,000

Approved Estimate 2011/12:  $74,096,000

Actual Provisional Expenditure 2010/11:  $43,122,000

Source:  Jamaica Budget 2012/13

For the 2012/13 detailed budget for the Ministry, visit this link for the budget in a flip magazine format:

Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce
Government of Jamaica