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Telephone: (876) 967-1060-5/ 967-1087
Fax: (876) 922-5766 (Registry), (876) 922-5765 (general)
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The Maritime Authority was established to implement the provisions of the Shipping Act of 1998, (which itself provides for the establishment of maritime administration). Under the Shipping Act, the objective of the Maritime Authority is to pursue the development of shipping and to regulate matters relating to merchants shipping and seafarers. The Authority has accordingly, responsibility for the wide-ranging activities regulated under the Act and ensuring that they are carried out in an efficient and sustainable manner.

As part of its mandate the Authority sought to establish a shipping registry in Jamaica. Following a series of Ship Registry launches in various parts of the world, during November of 2000, Jamaica was added to the International Maritime Organization's (IMO) `White List'. Jamaica's appearance on the `White List' means that it will now be recognised as an international shipping services centre offering a quality shipping registry, seafarers of high caliber, as well as shipping services of the highest standards.
Functions of Authority
  • To administer the registration of ships and to regulate the certification of seafarers. 

  • Regulate the safety of shipping as regards the construction of ships and navigation. 

  • Inspect ships for the purposes of maritime safety and prevention of marine pollution. 

  • Make enquiries as to shipwrecks or other casualties affecting ships, or as to charges of incompetence or misconduct on the part of seafarers in relation to such casualties. 

  • Establish maritime training and safety standards. 

  • Administer policy for the development of shipping in general.

Dr. Peter-John Gordon - Chairman

Mr. Robert Kinlocke
Ms. Shauna Bailey
Mr. Kemel Allen
Dr. Nadine McLeod
Dr. Kevin Harriott
Mrs. Janice Miller 
Ms. Valerie Simpson; and
Rear Admiral Peter Brady - Ex Officio
*Appointed March 12, 2012 for a period of three (3) years to March 11, 2012
Maritime Authority
Government of Jamaica