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 Metropolitan Management Transport Holdings (MMTH) was established in 1995 to develop the infrastructure and the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) was established in 1998 to provide a centrally managed state-of-the-art public bus service. 

The JUTC was designed to be a safe, modern and reliable system of transport, efficiently operated at a reasonable cost to commuters. This involved the construction of five depots within the Kingston, Portmore and Spanish Town areas. These depots are located at Ashenheim Road, Lyndhurst Road, Rockfort, Twickenham Park and Greater Portmore.

Our Mission
To Provide A
Reliable, Modern,
Transportation Service,
Through Teamwork
And Good Conditions of Employment.


Mr. Gregory Main

Vice Chairman

Mr. Clement Ellington


Mr. Shane Dalling

Mr. Max Leiba

Mr. Errol Edwards

Mr. Albert Seaga

Ms. Theresa Turner

Mr. Ian Murray

Mr. Sean Azan

Managing Director, Jamaica Urban Transit Company

Rep, Ministry of Transport & Mining

Rep, Ministry of Finance & Public Service

*board appointed for three (3) years effective April 6, 2016*

Jamaica Urban Transit Co.
Government of Jamaica