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Telephone: (876) 924-8150,1-876-618-2408
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What is known today as the Caribbean Maritime Institute (CMI) was established in 1980 as the Jamaica Maritime Training Institute (JMTI), the result of the collaborative effort of the Government of Jamaica and the Government of the Kingdom of Norway (NORAD). The aim of the school at the time was to train Jamaican nationals to mann the Jamaica Merchant Marine (JMM) fleet of five ships. 

The Institute has embraced a new and expanded vision and mission directed by its new philosophy and strategy known as the Blue Ocean Strategy Philosophy. Pursuant to and consistent with the Blue Ocean Strategy Philosophy, the new management has expanded the curricula to include degrees in Shipping, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Security Administration and Management and engineering as shown below: 
Bachelors Degrees:
  • B.Sc. Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • B.Sc. Port Management
  • B.Sc. International Shipping
  • B.Sc. Cruise Shipping and Marine Tourism
  • B.Sc. Security Administration and Management
  • B.Eng. Industrial Systems

Ms. Hyacinth Bennett - Chairperson

Mr. Bindley Sangster
Mr. Neal Seaton
Mrs. Corah Sylvester
Mr. Roger Hinds
Two Reps, Port Authority of Jamaica
Two Reps, the Shipping Association of Jamaica
Rep, UWI
Rep, Government of Norway
Exec Director of CMI - ex officio
*Appointed April 18, 2016 for a period of three (3) years to April 17, 2019
Caribbean Maritime Institute
Government of Jamaica