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Established in 1974 under the Airports Authority Act as an independent statutory body, with initial responsibility (ownership and management) for the nation’s two international airports; namely Norman Manley International Airport and Sangster International Airport.

Airports Authority of Jamaica provides oversight and contract administration for the concession agreement which is in place with each Airport Operator; MBJ Airports Limited and NMIA Airports Limited. As a part of its responsibility, AAJ continues with the operation and management of the four domestic aerodromes.
In addition, AAJ undertakes the long-term planning and development of Jamaica’s airport system and continues to be at the fore of Jamaica’s air transportation policy development.
Concession Agreement
Under the Agreement the approved Airport Operator is responsible for the management of the day-to-day operations of the respective Airport in keeping with specific performance criteria and prescribed international standards. Regular performance reviews and other contract administration oversight functions are conducted by AAJ, as specified under the concession agreement. In addition, an Airport Forum is held biannually to provide stakeholders with the opportunity to provide progress reports and to address pertinent issues.
Under the agreement with the international consortium, MBJ Airports Limited, AAJ retains ownership of the non-movable assets of the Airport, owned prior to privatization, and will manage the concession agreement to ensure that the private operator performs its contractual obligations.
The private operator pays a concession fee to AAJ and at the end of the contract will transfer the Airport’s assets acquired during the period of the concession to AAJ.
*Source: Airports Authority website
The Airport (Economic Regulation) Act, 2002 provides for the economic regulation of the international airports by the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority; which is responsible for the setting of aeronautical charges under the Act.
Section 6(1) Airport (Economic Regulation) Act, 2002 makes provision for the introduction of an Airport Improvement Fee (AIF) which was implemented on 2003 February 15. The proceeds from the Fee are being placed in a separate Airport Expansion Fund specially designated for each airport.
The Norman Manley International Airport and the Sangster International Airport have been declared scheduled airports and are subject to economic regulation by the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority.
• Permission to Levy Airport Charges 
• Approved Airport Operator
The international airports are currently operated under a concession agreement with Airports Authority of Jamaica as follows:
 NMIA Airports Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of AAJ, operator of the Norman Manley International Airport, located in the nation’s capital city of Kingston.
MBJ Airports Limited operates the Sangster International Airport located in Montego Bay.
*Source: Airports Authority website


Hon. William Shogoury


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President, Airports Authority of Jamaica

*board appointed for three (3) years effective April 6, 2016*

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