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Formerly the Teenage Mothers Project (TMP) funded by the Bernard van Leer Foundation and operated by the Center for Early Childhood Education of the University of the West Indies.  Rural Family Support Organization targets three main family issues: Teenage Pregnancy, Male Adolescents, and Child Development. The organization's sphere of influence spreads from Clarendon to adjacent parishes of Manchester and St. Catherine. The programme aims to:

  1. Assist adolescents to develop their self-esteem by helping them to see themselves as worthwhile individuals, capable of setting goals and working towards reaching such goals.

  2. Assist adolescents to achieve economic independence through vocational and technical training, literacy and remedial work and counseling.

  3. Assist adolescents to cope with their sexuality through Family Life Education and counseling.

  4. Assist adolescents to achieve economic independence and a sense of well being through technical and vocational training in entrepreneurial skills.

  1. Family life education

  2. Guidance counseling in schools

  3. Irresponsible male behavior The program is geared towards attitude change and incorporates family life education, personal development, parenting skills and vocational training, in a package which seeks to inculcate in young men a responsible an independent male image.

  4. Parent child relationships

Mr. Utealia Burrell
Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm
Rural Family Support Organization
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