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RISE Life Management Services, was first established in 1989 as The Addiction Alert Organization (AAO) by a group of persons in recovery, with the assistance of the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica (PSOJ).  After a period of fourteen (14) years AAO was reviewed and the direction, scope and focus of its programs were adjusted to meet the needs of young people at risk in Jamaica, particularly those living in inner city communities.  RISE is the acronym for Reaching Individuals through Skills and Education, and its programs currently support all those previously carried out by the Addiction Alert Organization, including the prevention and treatment of addictive disorders, and expanded to embrace community-based health, education and vocational services for at-risk youth and their family members.

On December 6th 2009 RISE was the proud recipient of the Prime Minister of Jamaica’s award for their wide range of services to the Youth of Jamaica. RISE is the first and only recipient of this award.

  1. Counseling Unit for the prevention and treatment of addictive disorders including gambling; Telephone Lifeline Counseling service;

  2. Employee Assistance Programs for the Workplace, including Policy Development, Employee Education, Supervisory Training, Drug Testing, Individual and Group Counseling;

  3. Community Interventions: Remedial education for at-risk adolescents (GoGSAT preparation classes for GSAT students), parenting skills training, youth empowerment programs;

  4. School-based program for the prevention and treatment of problem gambling and substance abuse;

  5. Vocational Training programs with HEART/NTA in Customer Service;

  6. Adult Continuing Education – computer-based remedial and exam preparation classes;

  7. Life Management Skills Training for adolescents,  youth club participants and adults;

  8. Training – for  guidance counselors, teachers  and youth leaders; summer camps; and

  9. Project Administration.

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RISE Life Management Services
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