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A non-profit non-governmental umbrella organization made up of 25 organizations who aim unite Jamaicans.

  1. To uphold and support the right of the people of Jamaica to freedom in their choice of a sociopolitical system.

  2. To unite Jamaicans, their friends and supporters in membership and in support of the Association as a vehicle for communication and for co-operation between organizations and individuals committed to patriotic support of Jamaica.

  3. To assist the Jamaican Government and authorities in their plans for national development and in particular, to provide advice, expertise and research where possible and appropriate and where desired.

  4. To maintain concern about and seek ways and means to assist in improving the lot of the deprived, unemployed and the socially and economically disadvantaged and to enlist and encourage the involvement of Jamaicans overseas in finding and contributing to solutions.

  5. To promote through educational campaigns, respect for the independence and national integrity of Jamaica.

  6. To discourage and oppose the subversion of the Jamaican nation and the activities of individuals or groups operating against Jamaican's national interests.

  7. To educate its members, its friends and the world at large about the world economic system, it’s economic and social injustices and the need for a new world economic order.

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NAJASO embraces many non-Jamaicans, in organizations and individually, who support the Association's programs and also works closely with American and Caribbean organizations on issues affecting Jamaica, in particular and the Caribbean in general.

National Association Of Jamaican And Supportive Organizations
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