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Our mission is to activate the national Motto, Anthem and Pledge (MAP) until every Jamaican is made fully conscious of the potential of their godly inheritance of beauty, fellowship and prosperity, and move to fulfill Jamaica’s mandate to advance the welfare of the whole human race.

Executive Chairman
Monday - Fridays 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

MAP Keepers’ programme – A faith based youth mentorship and character building citizenship programme in schools & community clubs.

Supporting original literature, including two books – “Eternal Father Bless Our Land” and “Perspectives from the Jamaican MAP” and quarterly bulletins which inculcate the character building values of the Jamaican Motto, Anthem & Pledge (MAP).

Perspectives from the MAP Annual Lecture involving Diaspora Jamaicans;

  1. Facilitation of Jamaica Homecoming – which is an annual homecoming of Diaspora Jamaicans to their communities of origin to give back to their schools, infirmaries, children’s homes and other needy projects that will promote the principles outlined in Jamaica’s Motto, Anthem and Pledge (MAP) as a means of transforming the nation’s values.

  2. Promote patriotism for Jamaica in order to encourage increased loyalty, service and investment in the nation. Encourage Jamaicans (local & overseas) to invest in the environmental and economic development of Jamaica, as well as its cultural and spiritual values

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