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The Dispute Resolution Foundation (DRF) is a private voluntary foundation established in July 1994 to establish and encourage the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) techniques throughout Jamaica. Some of its objectives are:

  1. To encourage and educate the public about using ADR techniques and community and restorative justice practices to promote peace and to resolve conflicts without resorting to violence;

  2. To establish Peace & Justice Centres (service points)  in communities throughout Jamaica;

  3. To increase the use of mediation and arbitration services by the legal profession and courts as dispute resolution options.

There are 4 Divisions providing services nationally and regionally.  They are:

  1. Court, Corporate & Commercial Mediation & Arbitration Services

  2. Knowledge Management

  3. Outreach, Youth & Community Services

  4. Governance & Administration

Services Provided through the Divisions and the network of 18 service points include:

  1. Mediation of disputes among individuals, companies, communities, organizations, etc.;

  2. Training of Mediators (Basic & Advanced);

  3. Development & Maintenance of a Roster of Mediators & Arbitrators at the RM & Supreme Court levels;

  4. Training of Arbitrators;

  5. Arbitration of disputes;

  6. Facilitation of meetings whether at the community or corporate level;

  7. Training of Administrators for Peace & Justice Centres;

  8. Training in and Facilitation of Community & Restorative Justice Practices; and

  9. Youth, parents, seniors and workplace programmes.

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Dispute Resolution Foundation Of Jamaica
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