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The Children’s Coalition of Jamaica, the CCJ, began in 2009 out of a number of discussions at the national level indicating the need for an umbrella group to support the work of child serving organizations (CSOs) in Jamaica and to address issues related to strengthening opportunities for their collaboration and for public education and advocacy. The vision of the CCJ is for, “A Jamaica where all children live in a safe and supportive environment, conducive to their optimal development and to the fulfillment of their rights, including the right to participate in activities and processes that affect their lives. The CCJ endeavours to remain a committed and sustained voice by and for children through advocacy and public education, coordinated action by NGOs, and developing projects that benefit from the participation of many CSOs.”

Brigette Mc Donald Levy
9:00 am -5:00 pm
  •  Child and parenting helplines to ensure that confidential counselling and referral services are made available and accessible to Jamaican children and families that need the service.
  • Child participation activities – leadership and advocacy.
Children’s Coalition of Jamaica
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