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The American Chambers of Commerce (AMCHAMs), outside the territorial United States, are non-profit, independent associations formed by US business people and nationals who do business with the United States. AMCHAM is affiliated to the Chamber of Commerce of the United States of America (COCUSA) in Washington DC, the largest federated business organization in the world, with offices in 65 countries. AMCHAMs work closely with the government of the host country, to facilitate investment and trade.

The US Chamber of Commerce, in Washington, DC (USCOC) and the Association of American Chambers of Commerce of Latin America and the Caribbean (AACCLA). These relationships provide you with unparallel access to a vast network of companies which belong to the 106 AMCHAMS around the globe; and to over 20,000 companies represented by AACCLA, in the Region.

American Chamber Of Commerce Of Jamaica (AMCHAM)
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