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What is Strong Back?

What is a ‘strong back’? Well, on the surface, a strong back is exactly what the words suggest: a back (or spine) that is strong, firm, rigid, and capable of supporting tremendous and strenuous activity. However, in the Jamaican context,

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#Infographic: 12 Safer Sex Tips

Safer Sex Week is celebrated in Jamaica every February in the week in which Valentine’s Day falls. The week is used to promote safe and healthy sexual practices in an effort to prevent HIV/AIDS, STIs and unwanted pregnancies. But it doesn’t

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Get #UltimateProtection: Safer Sex Week In Jamaica

Facts about Safer Sex Week in Jamaica Safer Sex Week is, as the name suggests, a week in which safe sexual practices are promoted and encouraged. This is in an effort to protect persons involved in sexual intercourse from HIV/AIDS

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Myths Versus Facts: Safe Sex

Safe Sex Week is celebrated from February 1- 5th. Being sexually informed is very important for overall health and pleasure.  Safe sex is all about caring for you and your partners’ health. The benefits of safe sex include reduced chances

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