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Jamaican Proverbs That Speak To The Elements

Jamaican proverbs hold a special place in our hearts. They represent the continuation of the oral history of our nation, a summation of the stories and lessons of our forefathers in a few succinct, witty lines. Nothing thrills us like

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10 MORE Jamaican Proverbs To Make You LOL

Jamaican proverbs echo the voices of our ancestors. We hear, through these sayings, their admonition, warning and instruction. The first list of proverbs we did was such a hit, readers asked us to do another! If you haven’t, you need

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10 Jamaican Proverbs To Make You Laugh Out Loud

1. “Monkey mus know weh him gwine put him tail, before him order trousiz.” Translated: The monkey must know where he is going to put his tail before he orders the trousers. Meaning: Be clear of how you are going

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