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Jamaica’s 55-year Population Growth

From 1960 until now, Jamaica’s population has been growing by millions. Below, we have a detailed timeline of the numbers over the years, sourced from The World Bank. 1960: 1.629 million 1961: 1.652 million 1962: 1.678 million 1963: 1.707 million

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The Population Is Ageing And There’s No Going Back

This article in today’s Gleaner about the pros and cons of an ageing population caught our attention. It stated, “Data collected from the Statistical Institute of Jamaica have indicated that the proportion of people age 65 and over in Jamaica

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5 Facts: Jamaica Census

According to this chart – Population Movement Summary, in 1911, the population of Jamaica was 831, 383.  In 2011, it was 2,697,983. According to this chart – Population By Parish 1960-2011, in 2011, the parish with the smallest population was Hanover

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Unemployment Rate Dips To 12.8%

In this week’s Monday Musings, we take a quick look back at the Unemployment Rate.  It was reported at the end of November that youth unemployment remained at 3 times the rate of the national average.  The underlying story, however,

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