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10 Life Lessons From Shakespeare … In Jamaican Patois

Imagine what would happen if William Shakespeare decided to visit modern-day Jamaica. Can you visualise his utter discombabulation as he tried to figure out what these people were trying to say? Can you see how Jamaicans would ‘eem’ and ‘ahm’

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‘Wi Leff’ – Jamaican Terms to Express Heartbreak

‘Wi deh’ This is how it starts. You’ve met the (latest) love of your life, and you’re past casual and like, and are very seriously together. If you’re in Jamaica, your friends will ask:  “Unnu deh?” (are you together?) and

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5 Facts – Miss Lou

Louise ‘Miss Lou‘ Bennett was born in Kingston on September 7, 1919. Growing up, she always had an irrepressible sense of humour and a flair for dramatics. Over the years, she grew to become one of the island’s most beloved

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6 Things You Need To Know Today – February 10, 2013

$1 Million A Day Down The Drain.  The Montego Bay Convention Centre, constructed at a cost of US$51.7 million and branded as a major outlet to garner foreign exchange from the lucrative meetings and conventions market, is instead bleeding the

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