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Food Month Pot-pourri – Cuckoo For Coconuts!

History The word ‘coconut’ is derived from the Portuguese ‘coco,’ which means ‘grinning face,’ due to the fact that the three indentations (eyes) on the nut resemble the face of a monkey. According to the Encyclopedia of Jamaican Heritage, coconut trees

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Food Month Pot-pourri – 5 Fish Recipes

Feel like having fish for dinner this week? It’s Food Month, so how about trying something a little different from the traditional steamed or fried fish dishes? Here are five great recipes to try. Rainforest Seafood’s Jerk Marinated Salmon with

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Food Month Pot-pourri – The Gleaner’s Cookbooks

The Gleaner has been publishing Easter and Christmas cookbooks for a number of years, each filled with hearty recipes that evoke warm memories of moments spent in the kitchen with Mommy or Grandma or at the dinner table with the

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Food Month Pot-pourri – 5 ‘Fancy’ Vegetarian Recipes

The average Jamaican diet includes a lot of meat – chicken, pork, beef, mutton and more, so the thought of eating a meal with no ‘meat-kind’ holds no appeal to many of us. However, in this age of health conscious eating,

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Food Month Pot-pourri – 5 Things Not To Do This Restaurant Week

Jamaicans have a saying, ‘Betta belly buss dan good food waste’ – or, in the Queen’s English, it is better to overeat than to waste great food.  If that is the case, Restaurant Week 2014 is the best place to

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Food Month Pot-pourri – Curry Explosion!

There is hardly anything Jamaicans love as much as curry. Traditional fare such as curried chicken and curried goat (mutton) are lunch or dinner staples in many cook shops, restaurants and homes. And even when these meats are not in

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Food Month Pot-pourri – Shea Stewart, The Bachelor Chef

Many people know how to cook, but only a few have what it takes to be a chef. After all, a chef is magician in the kitchen, able to convert basic food items into gastronomical delights and completely revise the

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5 Restaurant Week Tips

Restaurant Week is in full swing, with more than 75 of Jamaica’s best restaurants will offer specially selected three-course, fixed-price dinner menus and lunch time specials at significantly discounted prices. Restaurant Week spans three cities, Kingston, Montego Bay and Ocho Rios,

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9 ‘Weird’ Jamaican Food Names

Jamaican food is delicious, but there’s no going around it – some of the names are kind of… weird. Think about it: are there gizzards in ‘gizzada?’ What does a sweet have to do with Sir Alexander Bustamante’s back? And there

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Food Month Pot-pourri – Such A Jerk!

Last year this time during Food Month, we took you on a little tour around Jamaica, stopping at some of the most renowned jerk spots island-wide, including Boston, Scotchies and Faith’s Pen. The Gleaner has featured a number of jerk recipes over the

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