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How To Register A Charity In Jamaica

In Jamaica, you can register your non-profit organisation through either the Department of Cooperatives and Friendly Societies (DCFS) (dcfs.gov.jm) or The Companies Office of Jamaica (www.orcjamaica.com). Do a name search Before you can register your charitable organisation, you need to

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What Qualifies As A Charity, According to Jamaican Laws?

Jamaican laws have very clear stipulations about what constitutes a charity or a charitable organisation, and what does not. If you are thinking of establishing a charity, or have already started one and are considering registration, etc, here are some

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#GivingTuesday- Making Kindness A Habit

‘Unexpected kindness is the most powerful, least costly, and most underrated agent of human change’ Bob Kerry It’s Giving Tuesday! December is definitely the season to do good and give back to those less fortunate. Being generous is good for your

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Holiday Blogger – Giving Back At Christmas: They Give More To Me

Many of us lose focus of the true spirit of Christmas in the frenzied holiday season. Today, we remind you of the importance of giving back. Look out for another post next week! *** Christmas is a time of ebullience:

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List: Discretionary Waivers

From the Ministry of Finance website, find below each report for monthly report for discretionary waivers since October 2010 to latest month available. In each report find individual waivers by: Tariff Code, Applicant, Brief Description of Items, CET waived, SCT

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6 Things You Need To Know Today – December 26, 2012

In Preparing For FATCA, American Government Relations Specialist Tells Jamaican Firms: Stop Wasting Your Money.  A senior government-relations specialist in the United States (US) has declared that Jamaican financial institutions should “stop wasting their money” trying to revamp their operations

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The Salvation Army At Christmas Time

‘Christmas breeze’, Jonkunnu and Christmas fruit cake are Christmas traditions that are uniquely Jamaican and diGJamaica.com is highlighting one a day in the Jamaican Christmas blog series. Each day we will highlight a historical fact, food or tradition that are

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