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10 Life Lessons From Captain Horace Burrell

When giants pass from this life, it is not enough to lament and bemoan what has been lost. Even as we grieve their passing, we should stop to examine the lives of these great men and women and extract lessons

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What Is Coconut Oil Good For?

Coconut oil is one of the most diverse and handy substances you can have in your house. In Jamaica, we have known this for a very long time. In the days before the popularity of mass produced lotions and body rubs,

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#Infographic: 12 Safer Sex Tips

Safer Sex Week is celebrated in Jamaica every February in the week in which Valentine’s Day falls. The week is used to promote safe and healthy sexual practices in an effort to prevent HIV/AIDS, STIs and unwanted pregnancies. But it doesn’t

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5 Tips To Take Care of Your Brain

  There is no doubt that the brain is one of the most essential organs in the human body. As an important part of your body’s communication and decision-making centre, the brain houses organs that play a key role in

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Tips in Entrepreneurship: diGJamaica’s Top 10 Takeaways from Digital Housing 2016

“Every time you meet somebody new, it’s a contact, and you have that person for life.” “Failure is a stepping stone.” “Be clear on what you do and why you do it.” These were just some of the pointers shared

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#TipThursday: Give Thanks for Science & Technology

Imagine your life without all the luxuries provided by developments in science and technology. Would you be able to survive? Think about it. What if there were no vaccines for immunisation, no medicines to cure illnesses, no bathrooms or toilets,

How To Obtain Unconditional Landing Status

If you were born in Jamaica and possess a non-Jamaican passport, the child of a Jamaican citizen or of Jamaican descent then you qualify for and can obtain unconditional landing status (UL) from the Passport, Immigration & Citizenship Agency (PICA).

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Breaking Bad Habits – Tips To Help You Quit Smoking And Drinking

We’re almost at the end of Janurary, and each Thursday, we’ve been sharing some tips to help you achieve the top new year resolutions, such as saving money, losing weight and managing stress. This week, we wrap up the series with

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How To Conduct An Earthquake Hazard Hunt

We never know when an earthquake will hit, and general thinking is that there’s little or nothing we can do to prepare for one, in the manner that we ‘batten down’ for hurricanes. But there are steps you can take to help

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10 Weight Management Tips

What is the number one New Year resolution? If you guessed ‘lose weight,’ you would be correct. But like all goals, getting there is often easier said than done. This Tip Thursday, we share some advice from Kirk Bolton, president of

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