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Clear as Crystal Punch: The History of Piped Water in Jamaica

A little known fact is that Jamaica is one of the first nations in the Western Hemisphere to develop a piped water supply system. From as early as 1766, Roger Hope Elleston, owner of the Hope Estate, constructed an open aqueduct

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Virtuous: 15 Reggae Songs Celebrating Women

Reggae speaks the language of love, and, of course, women are usually a central theme in many of the songs. Whether she is an empress, queen, royal, or a natural beauty, leave it to the reggae lyricists to find the

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#ThrowbackThursday: Usain Bolt

For Throwback Thursday, we take you back to Usain Bolt training hard before the 2016 Rio Olympics, where he performed his epic three-peat when he won gold in the men’s 100m, 200m, and 4×100 relays. Bolt said: “The sky has

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#ThrowbackThursday: Pearnel Charles, Sr

#ThrowbackThursday: It’s Pearnel Charles, one of Jamaica’s renowned politicians, current Speaker of the House, former minister of labour and social security (2007-2012), affiliated with the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP).

15 Jamaican Great Houses

There are many great houses across the length and breadth of Jamaica, standing as stately reminders of our British colonial past. Many of them have been refurbished and hark back to their glory days, while others have been repurposed for

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#TBT – Jamaica’s First General Election

Jamaica was granted full adult suffrage on November 20, 1944. Prior to that, the right to vote was determined by the amount of wealth or property a man held, and women were not allowed to vote at all. The new system extended voting rights

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World Champs – Bertland Cameron: The First To Ever Do It

In the photo above, 23-year-old Bertland Cameron, the world number one quarter-miler, celebrates winning the 400m final at the National Athletics Championships at the National Stadium on Saturday, July 30, 1983. A little over a week later, the St Jago

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What Was Jamaica Like Under British Rule?

Jamaica recently celebrated its 53rd anniversary of independence from Britain on August 6. Today, we take a brief look back on what Jamaica was like from the mid-1600s to 1962, when the country gained independence. In the wake of the

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Reggae Sumfest #TBT – All Partied Out

When sleep called and tiredness began to set in, these Reggae Sumfest patrons found the ground a good place to rest one night during the festival August 11-14, 1993, in Montego Bay. Click here to read more about the history of Sumfest,

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#TBT – Kingston Harbour: Polluted Then, Polluted Now

“Kingston Harbour in Jamaica is becoming so heavily polluted that life on the harbour bed may soon no longer exist. Surveys since 1968 show that the abiotic area (where there is no life on the seabed) is increasing, that variety of

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