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Dr Janice Simmonds-Fisher: Pioneering Stem Cell Therapy in the Caribbean

Ever heard of stem cell therapy? It is the use of stem cells to treat or even prevent disease. While fairly new and still in its experimental phase, stem cell therapy has progressed greatly over the years. And now, Jamaica

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#VaccinesWork: Measles, Mumps, Rubella Shot From Jamaica

There was a time when life expectancy in Jamaica was 38 years old, and only 10 to 20 per cent of every 1,000 babies delivered by live births survived. That was in the 1800s, when disease and infections were rampant.

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What Nutraceuticals Can Do For Jamaica

The nutraceutical industry is worth an estimated $270 billion, and that figure is expected to increase to over $600 billion by 2018. Of the 160 plants declared to have medicinal properties worldwide, over 80 are endemic to Jamaica. Executive director of

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10 Milestone Years in Jamaica’s Civil Aviation History

Jamaica has come a long way where air travel is concerned. Moving from its first flight ever in 1911, to the establishment of Air Jamaica Ltd, and the opening of our airways with the establishment of groups such as the

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Advice from Jamaican Entrepreneurs: Jovan Evans

Name: Jovan Evans Age: 34 Name of business: AquaFlow Products & Services Ltd. Your job title: Product Developer Age at which you started your business: 33  What do you think is the most important character trait in a successful entrepreneur? Being resilient: thriving when

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Advice from Jamaican Entrepreneurs: Craslyn Benjamin

Name: Craslyn Benjamin Age: 30 Name of business: Benlar Foods Limited Your job title: Chief Executive Officer Age at which you started your business: 27 What do you think is the most important character trait in a successful entrepreneur? Possessing the ability to work hard

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Advice from Jamaican entrepreneurs

Pioneers. Leaders. Inventors. Innovators. Trendsetters. Risktakers. These are just some of the words used to describe entrepreneurs. When most people hear the word, they immediately conjure up images of a serious person in a business suit, in charge of a

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#TipThursday: Give Thanks for Science & Technology

Imagine your life without all the luxuries provided by developments in science and technology. Would you be able to survive? Think about it. What if there were no vaccines for immunisation, no medicines to cure illnesses, no bathrooms or toilets,

What is National Science & Technology Month?

The Jamaican Government observes November as National Science & Technology Month, with the aim of educating people about how crucial science and technology is to national development. Annually, activities are organised with the intention of getting people to make the

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Pharmacist Day – More Than Just A ‘Medication Dispenser’

Did you know that January 12th is observed annually as Pharmacist Day? Most people aren’t even aware there is such a day. However, pharmacists play an important role in our lives as we all get sick from time to time and

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