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Motivation from Some Jamaican Greats

Having a rough day? Feeling a little low? Or blue? Take a moment to breathe in the inspiring words of some of Jamaica’s greats. May they give life to your life. Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce Bob Marley     Portia Simpson

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Jamaican Proverbs That Speak To The Elements

Jamaican proverbs hold a special place in our hearts. They represent the continuation of the oral history of our nation, a summation of the stories and lessons of our forefathers in a few succinct, witty lines. Nothing thrills us like

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Remember Lester: Recalling Lester Spaulding’s Legendary Life

The news that Joseph Aloysius Lester Spaulding, 76, passed away on the afternoon of Friday, November 17, 2017, at the Andrews Memorial Hospital after battling illness, sent shock waves of sadness across the Caribbean media landscape. He was known as

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Primary Education in Jamaica: From Common Entrance to GSAT to PEP

Primary education in Jamaica has undergone many changes over the years. The eras can be defined by the exit examinations that students have been required to take in order to get placement into higher education system. The first notable exam

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What You Need To Know About Jamaica’s Primary Exit Profile (PEP)

News media and education circles in Jamaica have been abuzz following the announcement from Education Minister Ruel Reid that the Primary Exit Profile will replace the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT). Since its implementation in 1999, GSAT has been the

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The Do’s & Don’ts of Restaurant Week

Every November for the past 13 years, Jamaicans have been invited to dine out as part of Restaurant Week. What began as a tentative date has now become a staple on many calendars, and many relish the opportunity to have

Did You Know? Five Facts About Local Government in Jamaica

1. What is local government? This is the arm of Government that focuses primarily on community development. It does so through the umbrella Ministry of Local Government and Community Development, which dispenses its function through four agencies and 14 local authorities:

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Five Facts About Dyslexia in Jamaica

October is observed as Dyslexia Awareness Month. It is a time to help people understand and appreciate the complexity of what has been described as the most prevalent learning disorder worldwide. Dyslexia affects a person’s ability to read, spell, write, and

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Five Facts About Osteoarthritis

What is arthritis? Arthritis is the degeneration and inflammation of the joints. There are 100 different types of arthritis. Five facts about 0steoarthritis Osteoarthritis is caused by the loss of the cartilage (gristle) which cushions contact between the bones in

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What’s Right With Jamaica: Smile About J-A-M-A-I-C-A

How thankful are Jamaicans for Jamaica? It’s a wonderful country teeming with enthusiasm, brilliance, talent and heritage as lush as our verdant landscapes. There is much in this little island to be grateful for, and here at diGJamaica, we don’t

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