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What Is Coconut Oil Good For?

Coconut oil is one of the most diverse and handy substances you can have in your house. In Jamaica, we have known this for a very long time. In the days before the popularity of mass produced lotions and body rubs,

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What Nutraceuticals Can Do For Jamaica

The nutraceutical industry is worth an estimated $270 billion, and that figure is expected to increase to over $600 billion by 2018. Of the 160 plants declared to have medicinal properties worldwide, over 80 are endemic to Jamaica. Executive director of

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Advice from Jamaican Entrepreneurs: Craslyn Benjamin

Name: Craslyn Benjamin Age: 30 Name of business: Benlar Foods Limited Your job title: Chief Executive Officer Age at which you started your business: 27 What do you think is the most important character trait in a successful entrepreneur? Possessing the ability to work hard

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Food Month Pot-pourri – Cuckoo For Coconuts!

History The word ‘coconut’ is derived from the Portuguese ‘coco,’ which means ‘grinning face,’ due to the fact that the three indentations (eyes) on the nut resemble the face of a monkey. According to the Encyclopedia of Jamaican Heritage, coconut trees

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Food Month Pot-pourri – 5 Fish Recipes

Feel like having fish for dinner this week? It’s Food Month, so how about trying something a little different from the traditional steamed or fried fish dishes? Here are five great recipes to try. Rainforest Seafood’s Jerk Marinated Salmon with

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Food Month Pot-pourri – The Gleaner’s Cookbooks

The Gleaner has been publishing Easter and Christmas cookbooks for a number of years, each filled with hearty recipes that evoke warm memories of moments spent in the kitchen with Mommy or Grandma or at the dinner table with the

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5 Things To Do This Weekend – Nov 14-16

TGIF! What are you up to this weekend? Here are five activities and events we recommend. Eat, Drink, Celebrate as Restaurant Week 2014 starts today, running until next Saturday, November 22. Enjoy the feast as 75 of Jamaica’s best restaurants will offer

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Food Month Pot-pourri – 5 ‘Fancy’ Vegetarian Recipes

The average Jamaican diet includes a lot of meat – chicken, pork, beef, mutton and more, so the thought of eating a meal with no ‘meat-kind’ holds no appeal to many of us. However, in this age of health conscious eating,

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Food Month Pot-pourri – 5 Things Not To Do This Restaurant Week

Jamaicans have a saying, ‘Betta belly buss dan good food waste’ – or, in the Queen’s English, it is better to overeat than to waste great food.  If that is the case, Restaurant Week 2014 is the best place to

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Food Month Pot-pourri – Curry Explosion!

There is hardly anything Jamaicans love as much as curry. Traditional fare such as curried chicken and curried goat (mutton) are lunch or dinner staples in many cook shops, restaurants and homes. And even when these meats are not in

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