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10 Epic Moments in Jamaica’s Early History

Jamaica celebrated 55 years of Independence on August 6, 2017. That’s 55 years of epic Jamaican greatness on the world stage. After being granted Independence on August 6, 1962 from British colonial rule by Queen Elizabeth II, Jamaica has not stopped

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5 Essential Facts Every Jamaican Needs To Know About Sir Alexander Bustamante

Sometimes it is surprising to find out that nationals in a country are unaware of some very important data regarding their history. We don’t want that to be Jamaicans, so we’re providing you with five essential facts every Jamaican needs

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I Pledge My Heart Forever – The Story Of The National Song For Schools

I pledge my heart forever To serve with humble pride This shining homeland, ever So long as earth abide. I pledge my heart, this island As God and faith shall live My work, my strength, my love and My loyalty

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August 23 – Haitian Revolution Helps Give Rise To The Abolition Of Slavery

August 23 is International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition, which is designated by UNESCO to “inscribe the tragedy of the slave trade in the memory of all peoples. In accordance with the goals of the

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What Was Jamaica Like Under British Rule?

Jamaica recently celebrated its 53rd anniversary of independence from Britain on August 6. Today, we take a brief look back on what Jamaica was like from the mid-1600s to 1962, when the country gained independence. In the wake of the

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Announcing diGJamaica’s 3rd Birthday Giveaway

August 2015 marks diGJamaica’s third anniversary. diGJamaica was The Gleaner‘s gift to the nation on its Golden Jubilee in 2012. Modelled on the popular but now out of print Handbook of Jamaica, the website aims to be a source of credible,

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Ornamental Beauty – The Lignum Vitae

The lignum vitae (Guiacum Officinale) was found in Jamaica by Christopher Columbus. The short, compact tree is native to continental tropical American and the West Indies. Locally, it grows best in the dry woodland along the north and south coasts of

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The Majestic Blue Mahoe – Jamaica’s National Tree

The Blue Mahoe is Jamaica’s national tree. It is indigenous to Jamaica and grows quite rapidly, often attaining 20m (66ft) or more in height. In wetter districts, it will grow in a wide range of elevations, up to 1200m (4000

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Objects From Out Past – The Institute Of Jamaica Collections

The Institute of Jamaica (IOJ) was established in 1879 by Sir Anthony Musgrave, the then Governor of Jamaica to preserve the country’s tangible and intangible heritage. The IOJ is comprised of six organisations geared toward fulfilling its mandate, including: the African Caribbean Institute of Jamaica/Jamaica

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Miss Jamaica World 2015 – Who Will Take The Crown?

The Miss Jamaica World 2015 coronation event takes place on Saturday, August 15. Twenty beauties from across the island will compete for the title and the opportunity to represent Jamaica at the Miss World pageant in Sanya, China PR, on

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