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#Infographics: Jamaica Local Government Elections 2016

We’re giving you way more than just five facts on Jamaica’s Local Government Elections.  Here are some infographics giving historical data on the elections, as well as explaining Nomination Day procedures, the number of seats contested and how many voters are

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Does New Voter Registration Matter?

As of May 31, 2016, a new voters’ list has been established by the Electoral Commission of Jamaica. You can see the full voters’ list here. This is the first update to the voters’ list since the February 25, 2016 general

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2016 Election Votes + Margins: Government Appointees

In this post we take a look at the 2016 general election results for the constituencies of the Members of Parliament who have been appointed as Ministers, Minister of State, Attorney General and Speaker of the House. The tables show

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Final Results- Comparing Voter Turnout by Party: 2016 vs 2011

For the JLP an increase in voter turnout of 30,963 persons 52 seats with increased voter turnout in comparison to 2011 11 seats with decreased voter turnout in comparison to 2011   For the PNP a decrease in voter turnout of

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Final Results- An Election 2016 Snapshot

This is a follow-up post to our previous election 2016 snapshot that was based on preliminary results. Now that the final results have been made available, and all recounts have been completed, the final snapshot of the February 25, 2016

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Vote Margins In The Last Four Elections- 2002, 2007, 2011, and 2016 (With Excel Download File)

This post shows vote margins in the four most recent general elections in Jamaica. Note that the colour of the box indicates the party that won the seat in that year and the tables are sorted by 2016 vote margin. 3

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Breaking Down The Voters’ List By Age and Gender

Jamaica’s February 25, 2016  general election was conducted on the November 30, 2015 voters’ list. This list has 1,824,410 registered voters. The ECJ reported that 34, 907 new names were added to this list, while 3, 536 names were removed, a net

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What Happened to the 2011 Marginal Seats in the 2016 Election? (with Excel Download File)

Want to compare vote margins in 2016 to those of 2011’s general election? Have a look at the table below: The table is ordered by 2011 vote margin and shows: vote margins for the 2011 and 2016 elections seats won in

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Vote Margins In The 2016 Election (with Excel File Download)

In the 2016 general election, vote margins ranged from 5 votes to 10,094 votes, and 18 seats had a vote margin of less than a 1,000 votes. Above find a table showing vote margins in the 2016 election. It shows: The

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How Does The Electoral Process Work?

Jamaicans went to the polls last Thursday to elect a new government, and the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) eked out a narrow 33-30 victory over the People’s National Party (PNP). However, we are now awaiting the results from the official

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