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Inflation (Actually, Deflation) Continues Into April

We are now 4 months into the new year and we have yet to experience one month of inflation. Four consecutive months of deflation has left us with a year to date Inflation figure of -0.6% (or deflation of 0.6%).

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How Much Debt Do You Owe?

Everybody has heard that the Government is working hard to bring down the debt. This is very true and great strides have been made. So how much debt, does each man, woman and child on this fair island owe? To

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If The US Taxes Remittances, How Will Jamaica Be Affected?

The United States (US) Border Wall Funding Act of 2017 (the HR1813 Bill to Amend the Electronic Fund Transfer Act) was introduced on March 30, 2017 by Republican congressman from Alabama, Mike Rogers, to the US House of Representatives. The Bill

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HR1813: What the Proposed US Border Wall Funding Bill Says

Below is the text of the five pages of the Bill to Amend the Electronic Fund Transfer Act to impose a fee for remittance transfers to certain foreign countries and for other purposes. Republican congressman from Alabama, Mike Rogers, introduced the

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What’s the Beef About Brazilian Corned Beef?

On Monday, March 20, 2017, the Jamaican Government “imposed an immediate ban on imports of corned beef originating from Brazil”. This was in response to reports from Brazilian authorities that several major Brazilian meat processors have been selling rotten beef and poultry,

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We Connect International Releases Prelim Results from Study on Woman Business Owners in Caribbean & Latin America

WEConnect International in The Caribbean presented preliminary results of a study being prepared with the support of Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC) on March 9, 2017. Increasingly, the positive connection among women, their economic empowerment, the growth of economies,

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What Nutraceuticals Can Do For Jamaica

The nutraceutical industry is worth an estimated $270 billion, and that figure is expected to increase to over $600 billion by 2018. Of the 160 plants declared to have medicinal properties worldwide, over 80 are endemic to Jamaica. Executive director of

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From ‘Poison Flour’ to ‘Plastic Rice’

‘Plastic Rice’ On the cusp of Christmas and the end of 2016, Jamaicans had a mild panic attack about the possibility of ‘plastic rice’ circulating on local markets. This led to the Jamaica Customs Agency (JCA) temporarily ceasing the clearance

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Advice from Jamaican Entrepreneurs: Jamellia Blythe

Name: Jamellia Blythe Age: In early 30s Name of business: High Flyer Tutoring Service Your job title: Manager Age at which you started business: 28 What do you think is the most important trait in a successful entrepreneur? You have to be

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Advice from Jamaican Entrepreneurs: Kavan & Keisha Allen

Name: Keisha Allen Age: 30 Business Name: House of Clay Job Title: Creative Director/Fashion Designer (I started the business at age 25 with my husband Kavan Allen, CEO) What do you think is the most important character trait in a

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