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2017 List of Summer Programmes in Jamaica

Summer is here, and we know parents and guardians are on the hunt for activities to occupy these huge blocks of otherwise unoccupied time that have suddenly befallen them and their children. Of course, they’re looking for fun, exciting, safe  – and

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10 Reasons Why You Should #diGJamaica

Jamaica is truly a country like no other. Wherever Jamaicans go, they let patriotism soar and their Jamaican-ness spills over in all its black, green and gold splendour. diGJamaica celebrates this unique culture and heritage. But in case you need convincing, here are our top

10 Summer Camps & Programmes For Kids & Teens – 2016

It’s summer time again and that means weeks upon weeks of free time….for kids and teens. Instead of allowing them to stay inside and watch television all day, why not get them involved in meaningful, educational and fun activities for

International Youth Day 2015 – Popular Activities For Jamaican Teens

It’s still summertime, and many teenagers and young adults are trying to make the most of the hot summer days and nights before they have to go back to school. They try to find activities that they can do with one

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Emancipendence Jubilee! Events Calendar

It’s Emancipendence time again, as Jamaicans celebrate our freedom and independence as a nation. Tomorrow, August 1 marks the 181st year since the Emancipation Declaration was read from the steps of the Old Kings House in Spanish Town, St Catherine, Jamaica’s capital at the time. Thursday,

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Denbigh 63: Making Agriculture Sustainable

The Denbigh Agricultural, Industrial and Food Show kicks off tomorrow, July 31, at the Denbigh Showground in May Pen, Clarendon. The wholesome family event, which attracts some 80,000 patrons annually, has been an important part of Jamaica’s cultural activities calendar since

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7 Cold Soups To Beat The Summer Heat

Jamaicans love soup. Chicken soup is a Saturday dinner staple, and no family gathering is complete without a large, bubbling pot of mannish water. But who can drink hot soup in these summertime temperatures? To give you an alternative, we’ve

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5 Summer Reads From Jamaican Authors

Summer is a great time to catch up on your reading as you relax on the beach, or at home in the cool comfort of your fan or air conditioning unit. We’ve got a short but sweet list of recent

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Make A Splash At These Water Parks

We’re winding down our #diGSummer July special, but we wanted to make one last splash before we go. We’ve already hit up the rivers and falls across the island, as well as our country’s incredible beaches. Today, we invite you

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Water Stress – How Other Nations Solved Their Water Issues

Among nations, Jamaica ranks high in water issues, with a World Research Institute report showing us tied for first with 15 other nations for “most water stressed.” Surprisingly, this report shows that in terms of water risk, Jamaica and several

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