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Timeline: The Western Jamaica ‘Light Sentences’ Debate

Background to the Issue Senior investigators within the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) have drafted a document which reveals that judges in St James, Westmoreland, Hanover, and Trelawny are opting more for fines, suspended sentences, and probation orders for persons convicted

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What are the Rules & Criteria for entering the Miss Jamaica World competition?

The Miss Jamaica World pageant has been an annual staple on the nation’s calendar since Spartan Health Club took on the national franchise in 1976. Coincidentally, in that year, Jamaica’s first representative, Cindy Breakspeare, won the Miss World competition. Since

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What is Hard Labour – Straight from Jamaica’s Lawbooks

You may have seen or heard of an accused person being sentenced to ‘hard labour’ by a judge in a courtroom setting. But, as is often the case, you may not have ever stopped to query what that means. In

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What Are ‘Zones of Special Operations’? – In Layman’s Terms

‘Zones of Special Operations’ has been a buzz phrase in Jamaica recently. These ‘zones’ were part of a Bill proposed by Government in an effort to tighten security in the nation. What inspired the Bill? The first half of 2017

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#diGDebate: Preventative Detention in Jamaica

In a press conference at Jamaica House on Wednesday, February 8, 2017, Prime Minister Andrew Holness announced that as part of its effort to deter crime, and especially domestic violence, the police would be implementing preventative detention. What is preventative detention? According to

#diGDebate: Curtail Jamaicans’ Civil Liberties?

On Sunday, January 8, 2017, The Sunday Gleaner published an opinion column by Ian Boyne titled ‘Is Holness Tough Enough?‘. Boyne used his column to call on Prime Minister Andrew Holness to have the courage to implement the extraordinary measures

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