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10 Jamaican Proverbs To Make You Laugh Out Loud

1. “Monkey mus know weh him gwine put him tail, before him order trousiz.” Translated: The monkey must know where he is going to put his tail before he orders the trousers. Meaning: Be clear of how you are going

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#diGDiaspora: Jamaican Businessman Francis ‘Paco’ Kennedy posthumously honoured in US

The United States (US) Minority Business Hall of Fame & Museum (MBHF&M), headquartered in Plano, Texas, will recognise the contribution of the late Francis ‘Paco’ Kennedy, former executive director of the GraceKennedy conglomerate, and head of Kingston Wharves, a division

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#diGDiaspora: Photos from Soft Launch for Zierlich International Dialysis Centre, UK

The soft launch of the Zierlich International Dialysis Centre took place at the Jamaica High Commission, hosted by JAMPRO’s European Regional Manager, Laurence Jones. Andre Nelson, CEO of the Centre, and Dainty Cowell, Renal Specialist Nurse, explained that the Centre

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Advice from Jamaican Entrepreneurs: Joan Webley

Name: Joan Elizabeth Webley aka Nanook Age (optional): 33 Name of business: Nanook Enterprises Ltd.  Your job title: Attorney/Managing Director Age at which you started your business: 25 What do you think is the most important character trait in a

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10 Things Your Jamaican Parents Have Done/Said To Discipline You

Jamaican parents are a breed like no other. They are the beauty and bane of their children’s existence. Their children often can’t live with them, but also can’t live without them, because for all the boofs and koofs they dole out, there are

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Facts & Data: Countries That Allow the Diaspora to Vote

Election fever is in the air. From Trinidad to the United States of America, politics is the talk of the day. diGJamaica and The Gleaner co-hosted a Twitter chat September 10, 2015 under the theme: Your Voice, Your Choice last night

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How To Obtain Unconditional Landing Status

If you were born in Jamaica and possess a non-Jamaican passport, the child of a Jamaican citizen or of Jamaican descent then you qualify for and can obtain unconditional landing status (UL) from the Passport, Immigration & Citizenship Agency (PICA).

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10 Things You Need To Know Before Returning To Live In Jamaica

The process of moving home can be daunting and exhausting but armed with the necessary information and a firm plan of action, the process can go fairly smoothly. Having worked in the shipping industry for several years, and personally taking

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Jamaican Roots – Michaela Pereira CNN Anchor

Hey diGgers, Do you remember when we told you that according to statistics, there are some three million Jamaicans or people of Jamaican descent living in other countries around the world. Quite a few of them have achieved popularity in

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Nom Nom! 11 Food Pages To diG

The famous proverb says, “The way to man’s heart is through his stomach,” the same is true for most Jamaicans – male or female. The immense love that Jamaicans have for their own indigenous foods is truly remarkable. Some Jamaicans

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