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Our Future On Fire: 3 Instances of Fires at Places Of Safety in Jamaica

Armadale Juvenile Correctional Centre – May 2009 On May 22, 2009 there was a fire at the Armadale Juvenile Correctional Facility in St. Ann, in which seven young girls died. Five girls perished in the fire and two girls died subsequently from

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Protecting Jamaica’s Children: The OCR, OCA and CDA

Our children are the future of our world. Our legacies will live on through them. It is therefore a society’s responsibility to ensure that it does everything within its power to protect and defend the welfare of its future generations. In Jamaica,

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#Infographic: Signs of Child Abuse

Do you know the signs of child abuse? Do you know what to do if you suspect that a child is being abused? Please read, get informed and share these infographics with as many persons and via as many formats

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#Infographic: How To Report Child Abuse In Jamaica

Child abuse is a serious issue about which every well-meaning adult should be concerned. Children are consistently among the most vulnerable in our population, and it is left to adults to ensure that they do everything necessary to protect them. The

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#MondayMusings: Let’s Talk About Girls & Sexual Abuse

It’s a topic that continues to carry relevance in the Jamaican context: the prevalence of sexual abuse in society. Here are some infographics, showing sobering statistics:

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What Is Bullying? (Explained for Children)

A bully is a person who is aggressive and threatening toward another person in a way that makes them feel bad, afraid, or uncomfortable. You have probably seen bullying before. You may even have experienced it. An example of bullying

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International Day of the Girl Child – Key Facts

Here are some facts on International Day of the Girl Child.

Child Month Fact – Many Missing Children Return Home

Of the remaining 370, two were eventually reported as deceased while the others were classified as still missing. To report a missing child, contact the Office of the Children’s Registry (OCR): Toll Free: 1-888- PROTECT (776-8328) (LIME) 908-2132 (LIME) 754-9133 (LIME) 618-5888

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Child Month Fact – Children Behind The Gun

Figures from the Statistics Department of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) reveal that 44 children were charged with murder, 40 with shooting and 94 with breaches of the Firearms Act during the time period indicated.

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Child Month Fact – 4.2 Per Cent Of Jamaica’s Child Population Abused

In our first Child Month Fact post, we established that the number of children in Jamaica (those 18 years and under) is 934,000, or 33.34% of the total population. Based on this, today’s statistic means that 4.2% of the country’s child

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