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What’s Right With Jamaica? CHAMPS … producing champs!

Jamaica is recognised internationally as a sprint factory. The country boasts some of the best and fastest athletes the world has ever seen, and carries a flair for athletic excellence that has other nations literally black, green and gold with

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#Infographic: How Much do Jamaican Schools Spend on Champs?

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Euphoric: 28 New Records Set at Champs 2017

Twenty-eight. That’s how many old records were broken and new records set at the 107th ISSA/GraceKennedy Boys and Girls’ Athletics Championships in 2017. It was an epic display of skill, spirit and spunk. Here’s a listing of the details for each,

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Euphoric: Terri-Karelle’s Champs 2017 Takeaways

It’s over. Five days. Twenty-eight new records. Countless emotional highs. The glory and excitement of 2017’s staging of the ISSA/GraceKennedy Boys & Girls’ Athletics Championships has left us in a haze of euphoria. Terri-Karelle Reid, Miss World Jamaica 2005, Gleaner brand

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Chuck, Duck and Boom The Fence! Jamaican Terms For Champs Life

Jamaican patois adds unique spice to everything. For Boys & Girls’ Champs, we have our own parlance to describe the goings-on. If you’re interested any at all in our biggest annual display of student athletic grandeur, you should take the time to

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Did You Know? 25 Interesting Champs Trivia Facts

Champs has a long and rich history in Jamaica. From its inception in 1910 till now, it has been an invaluable stepping stone for many of our nation’s best athletes. According to Colin Channer, “The entire nation of Jamaica owes

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Roots of the Rivalry: The Year They Banned Calabar & KC

Friendly rivalry in sports can easily grow into a heated dispute. That is exactly what happened in 1981 at the 71st staging of Boys’ Champs at the National Stadium. The day started calmly enough. The usual top two – Calabar

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Roots of the Rivalry: When Calabar Crushed KC in 1976

This is Champs as Jamaica knows it. It is more than a competition, more than some games. Champs is our very own Olympics. It is legacy, dynasty, history … and rivalry. The rivalries are serious. They mean everything in the moment,

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5 Timeless Champs Traditions

The Inter-Secondary Schools Association (ISSA) is the governing body in Jamaica for inter-secondary school sporting events. The highlight of their calendar annually is, of course, the ISSA/Grace Kennedy Boys and Girls’ Champs. Champs is one of Jamaica’s trademark sporting events.

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Jamaican Student Athletes Who Died During or After Sporting Events

Further reference: For further reference, please see the following links with news stories and opinion articles on the students’ deaths: Matthew Hylton: RJR News Online’s story, ‘Swimmer dies’ Terrence Golding: ‘Memorial trophy named in Terrence Golding’s honour’ Cavahn McKenzie: ‘St Jago athlete Cavahn McKenzie

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