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Timeline: ZOSO 2 (Denham Town) – Jamaica’s Second Zone of Special Operations

On October 17, 2017, Denham Town was declared Jamaica’s second zone of special operations (#ZOSO) by Prime Minister Andrew Holness in a press conference at Jamaica House.  In continuation of our tracking of the operations as it unfolds, we’ve decided

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Timeline: Tracking #ZOSO – Jamaica’s Zones of Special Operations – from Inception to Execution

Much has transpired in Jamaica since the suggestion of what is now being called #ZOSO: Zones of Special Operations. The suggestion was first made by Government as a crime-fighting measure near the start of 2017 after an alarming increase in

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What Can You Do With JM$8 million?

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has made it clear that he will be requiring his ministers to clear up hefty telephone bills after RJR News revealed on Monday, July 10, 2017 that some Government ministers had bills running into millions of

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Noble Trouble – Should Jamaica Worry?

Over in the East, once formidable commodities trader Noble Group is struggling amidst a heavy debt load, ratings downgrades, allegations of fraudulent accounting, asset sales and a crashing stock price. What is Noble? Noble Group is a diversified commodities trader

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If The US Taxes Remittances, How Will Jamaica Be Affected?

The United States (US) Border Wall Funding Act of 2017 (the HR1813 Bill to Amend the Electronic Fund Transfer Act) was introduced on March 30, 2017 by Republican congressman from Alabama, Mike Rogers, to the US House of Representatives. The Bill

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Saluting Alan Magnus (Part 2): The Legacy

The Early RJR Work Years In an interview with The Gleaner, Magnus described his first decade at RJR as “troubled”. During that time, he was fired twice for falling asleep on the job, and even missed the meeting planned to discuss his

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What’s the Beef About Brazilian Corned Beef?

On Monday, March 20, 2017, the Jamaican Government “imposed an immediate ban on imports of corned beef originating from Brazil”. This was in response to reports from Brazilian authorities that several major Brazilian meat processors have been selling rotten beef and poultry,

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#diGDebate: Preventative Detention in Jamaica

In a press conference at Jamaica House on Wednesday, February 8, 2017, Prime Minister Andrew Holness announced that as part of its effort to deter crime, and especially domestic violence, the police would be implementing preventative detention. What is preventative detention? According to

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#Infographic: By The Numbers: Jamaica’s 2016 Crime Statistics

At her first press conference on Wednesday, January 11, 2017 to announce her 90-day crime-fighting plan, acting commissioner of police, Novelette Grant, issued a press release detailing some of the accomplishments of the Jamaica Constabulary Force in 2016. The press

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#Infographic: Domestic Violence in Jamaica by the Numbers (2016)

Tracking the numbers and cases for domestic violence in Jamaica from 2010-2016.

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