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Snapshot of Jamaica’s Economy

diG Deeper diGJamaica’s Industries Dashboard has more information including two-year comparisons of Stopover Arrivals and Cruiseship Arrivals. Check it out here. diGJamaica’s Economy Dashboard has more information including Real GDP and calendar year-to-date Inflation Rate. Check it out here. diGJamaica’s Business Dashboard has

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Tourist Industry Update: Arrivals Report September 2014

Click Image diGJamaica’s Industry Dashboard has more information including two-year comparisons for Stopover Arrivals and Cruiseship Arrivals. Check it out here.

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Tourism Industry: Arrivals Report May 2014

Tourism Minister Hon. Dr. Wykeham McNeill in making his contribution to the 2014/15 Sectoral Debate in the House on May 27, under the theme: ‘Tourism: Delivering on its Promise of Opportunities and Growth’ said the industry plays a crucial role in our economic and

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Unemployment Down 1.6% From Last Year

As at July 2014 the number of persons that made up the Employed Labour Force was 1,124,600 persons. This meant that 16,700 more jobs were added to the job market when compared to the corresponding period July 2013. However, the

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Business Update: Exchange Rate & Stock Market Report

Exchange Rate October 30, 2014, the last day of trading for the month, the US dollar traded for an average selling rate of J$112.76:US$1.00, representing a less than one per cent depreciation relative to the ending of the previous month.

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Then & Now: President of the Senate

diG Deeper Find out more about Senator Floyd Morris  Check out an excerpt of Senator Dr Frederick Duhaney’s presentation in the Senate 1963

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Ease Of Doing Business – Jamaica Ranked Highest In The Caribbean

The 2015 Doing Business Report by the World Bank is now available. The report which is published annually, ranks 189 countries on their ease of doing business around a range of ten indicators. The 2015 report reveals that Jamaica has moved

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Jamaican Tourists: How Much They Spent 2009-2013

“Tourism has consistently been the largest earner of foreign exchange in our economy. Its contribution to the combined value of all the goods and services produced in our country each year is significant. The tourism economic impact study for the

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Bauxite Industry Production Declines & Price Tag On Cockpit Country

Information from the Jamaica Bauxite Institute (JBI) indicates that there has been a 9% downturn in the production of bauxite-alumina in September 2014 relative to September 2013. Jamaica produced 151,195 MT of bauxite-alumina in September, compared with 166,938 MT the

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Then & Now: Harbour Street, Downtown

Back then Tramcars were the main means of transportation. Today, the use of a motor car is the most popular mode of transportation. Find out more about Kingston Tramways on diGJamaica website, here.

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