Chart Of The Week: Cruise Ship Tourist Arrivals Increasing At Faster Rate Than Stop-Over Tourist Arrivals


Source: Jamaica Tourist Board

See Accompanying Motion Chart here

With the opening of the Falmouth Cruise Ship Pier, Jamaica’s Cruise Ship passenger arrivals has grown quite rapidly. This growth has far outpaced the growth of the “long stay” passenger industry.

The “long stay” tourist is more likely to stay at a hotel (rather than with family or friends) and contribute more of their disposable income to Jamaica. The cruise ship passenger, while very valuable, warmly welcomed and highly appreciated, is forced to share their disposable income over a number of stops along the ship’s route.

Regardless, Jamaica should fight hard to increase the number of attractions and improve our infrastructure to facilitate the ease of movement for the cruise ship passenger. At this rate, in a few years, cruise ships will be our biggest source of tourists…


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