Month: February 2013

And The Dollar Slide Hastens! J$ Loses 3.2% Of Value In February

The J$ closed February at J$97.11 to $US1, thereby hastening the rate of depreciation from January’s 1.2% to February’s 3.2%! Simple mathematics would suggest the J$ has lost 4.4% of its value since December 31, 2012.  Annualized, that rate of

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7 Easy Tips To Conserve Electricity

It’s Tip Thursday and as usual, we have some great tips for you, your friends and family. We already spoke about water conservation in 7 Easy Water Conservation Tips so this week, it is all about electricity. Let’s see if we can decrease our

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6 Things You Need To Know Today: February 28, 2013

‘No Fiddling While Rome Burns’ – Move To Amend NHT Act Not An Admission Of Wrong, But A Need To Take Quick Action, Says Gov’t.  The Government yesterday insisted that its proposed amendments to the National Housing Trust (NHT) Act

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Hope Gardens

Wordless Wednesday is here. A place of quiet rest- Hope Gardens. Your thoughts? To explore other recreational parks, visit our slideshow here. To read more about Hope Gardens and Zoo, read more at ‘Hope’ Alive And Well

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6 Things You Need To Know Today: February 27, 2013

Phillips Moves To Amend NHT Act For $45b Access. Faced with a lawsuit, as well as thunderous public outcry to thwart the Government’s plans to deduct $45 billion from the National Housing Trust (NHT), Minister of Finance and the Publilc Service

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‘Hope’ Alive and Well

It’s Travel Tuesday! Jamaica is known as the land of wood and water,‘Xaymaca’ to the Arawaks, our first ancestors. And a great place to witness the beauty and wonder of Jamaica is Hope Gardens and Zoo. Established in 1881, two

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6 Things You Need To Know Today: February 26, 2013

‘Tell What You Know’- New Contractor General Pledges Protection For Whistle-Blowers. Described by Governor General Sir Patrick Allen as a “gentle giant”, the country’s fifth contractor general, Dirk Harrison, yesterday made a solemn pledge to protect whistle blowers in the fight

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Image Of The Week: Marcia + Beres

Our Image of the Week is this great photo of reggae music greats Marcia Griffiths and Beres Hammond performing last week at UB Tracks and Records in the Behind The Screen Series. For more photos from this event, visit The

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Chart Of The Week: Impact Of The NDX

  Today’s Chart of the Week is taken from page 25 of the Ministry of Finance’s NDX Launch Presentation available on their website or for download here: NDX Launch Presentation_Final_pdf. In the top chart (Pre-Exchange), notice the local and global notes

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6 Things You Need To Know Today: February 25, 2013

‘Whatever It Takes’ – Phillips Says Goverment Will Amend NHT Act If Necessary.  Finance Minister Dr Peter Phillips has said if necessary, he would be tabling a motion in Parliament to amend the National Housing Trust Act (NHT) in light

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